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Nan Goldin


Nan Goldin Photograph, Stolen in Brazen Theft, is Recovered

Aug 13, 2008

A very large Nan Goldin photograph Pink Sky from Airplane (40 x 60 inches) was stolen from a New York City gallery in January, 2004.  Gallery workers watched as two men in white uniforms pulled up to the front of the gallery in a van. They casually loaded the painting into the van and drove off leaving the staff to assume that someone must have arranged for the delivery.

Reported to the NYPD, the painting was located in 2008 when a California gallery acquired the piece from a New York City dealer. After notifying the possessors of the theft, Chris Marinello spent 7 months negotiating with each of the dealer’s lawyers resulting in a complex three-way settlement.  The theft victim recovered its Nan Goldin and revised their security staff thereafter.