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'Blood Buddhas' Film Premiere at Arth Cultural Quest, 9th Feb 2019

This is a documentary short on what it takes to bring our stolen Gods home! Shot in Delhi, Surat, Hyderabad, Singapore, London, New York and Washington DC.

As one the world’s foremost experts on tracking down stolen art, Chris Marinello of Art Recovery International has made a name for himself working with police and criminal networks worldwide to recover looted Nazi art and returning it to the descendants of Jewish families. Join us #facebooklive as we discuss his discoveries, including works by Matisse, Rodin and El Greco. Post any questions or comments below.

Art Recovery Group CEO, Christopher Marinello, discusses the alleged Nazi gold train and the importance of the ArtClaim Database in recording and identifying looted works.

Christopher Marinello, an art expert specializing in recovering lost works, talks about recovering art stolen by Nazis.

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