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Andy Warhol, Candy Box

Candy Box , by Andy Warhol

Candy Box, by Andy Warhol

Inside Job: A Warhol Painting Stolen by Former Employee is Returned

Mar 28, 2011

Stolen in 1998 from a famous NYC architect as part of an ‘inside job’ by a disgruntled employee.  The painting appeared for sale at Christie’s New York in 2010.  Christopher Marinello, acting on behalf of the insurer, elicited the help of Det. Mark Fishstein, then of the NYPD Major Case Squad who seized the painting from Christie’s. When Det. Fishstein interviewed the consignor, he admitted taking the painting from his employer.  Within a few days, news came that the consignor was so distraught that he had a sudden heart attack and died.  Fishstein returned the painting to Marinello’s insurance company client who returned it to the theft victim in 2011.