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Elizabeth Peyton


Elizabeth Peyton Drawing Stolen From Fellow Artist is Returned

Aug 8, 2007

Artist Rainer Ganahl had a problem.  His roommate was going through drug rehab in 1994 and was advised by her counselor to vacate their apartment temporarily.  Upon return to the apartment, Ganahl was informed that all his belongings had been destroyed including this portrait done by the artist Elizabeth Peyton and given to Ganahl as a gift.

In 2007, Ms. Peyton contacted Ganhal and informed him that his portrait was being offered for sale in a New York City auction house.  The portrait had not been destroyed but had been sold by the roommate to a New York City gallery who sold it to a private collector though a second gallery.  The collector sued Ganahl over his claim to his portrait and the galleries were brought in as co-defendants.

Attorney Chris Marinello assisted Ganahl in filing a belated complaint with the New York City Police Department and negotiated a resolution between all the parties involved returning the Peyton portrait to Ganahl.