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Louis Valtat

Louis Valtat, (French, 1869 – 1952)  Mère Et Enfant Au Bord De La Plage

Louis Valtat, (French, 1869 – 1952) Mère Et Enfant Au Bord De La Plage

Louis Valtat Painting Stolen by Moving Company is Recovered

Mar 6, 2013

This painting was one of six works discovered missing in 2009 from a private residence in London. The victims had moved house and alleged that the moving company had committed the theft. Chris Marinello, working on behalf of the insurance company, recovered the Valtat as well as two additional paintings,Woman with Umbrella by Louis Icart and The Paris Quays by Edouard Cortes from the theft.  The victims wanted to keep the Icart and the others were sold on behalf of underwriters.